Great News

Chip shops and takeaways across Cornwall and Devon look set to get a boost because of a new partnership. A&B Potatoes, the South West’s leading supplier of chipping potatoes, have entered into a strategic agreement with Drywite a leading brand in the UK’s chip shop industry since 1933.

A&B Potatoes Ltd is now an exclusive distributor of Drywite’s quality, tried and tested chip shop products throughout the South West.

This new partnership with Drywite Ltd will provide local chip shops and restaurants with unprecedented added value through outstanding quality and exceptional customer service. Drywite has a strong reputation among chip shop owners across the UK and A&B Potatoes are known for delivering, reliability, and customer service across the South West.

Together, the new partnership will give local chip shops and hospitality providers strong supply chains by consistently delivering speciality preparations, condiments and equipment. This enormously boosts the product range available to local businesses across Devon and Cornwall because it means more local stock and even quicker deliveries.

“This is a great boost to local businesses. Having easy, reliable access to Drywite’s incredible range of products means they can truly offer the best food experience. At A&B Potatoes, we have spent years developing the leading supply chain across Cornwall and Devon. Partnership with the Drywite brand was the logical next step for them and us.” says A&B Potatoes’ Ben Ruby. “The lockdown really hurt the hospitality industry and we’re hoping this will help to give local businesses a real boost, just as things start to open up again.”

Find out more by asking A&B Potatoes for a full Drywite product guide.

Product guides can be sent to you via email or delivered on good old-fashioned paper. Please contact A&B Potatoes on 01752 842319 or Or you can just ask your friendly neighbourhood A&B delivery driver.

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